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5 Ways To Make Your Office A Nicer Place To Work 5 Ways To Make Your Office A Nicer Place To Work

5 Ways To Make Your Office A Nicer Place To Work

5 Ways To Make Your Office A Nicer Place To Work

Sep 22, 2016

Relax at work

Office working is a fact of life for many of us. But spending every day in the same old environment can be a real morale zapper and motivation eroder. Wouldn’t it be better if the office was a fun place to be, where everyone could feel positive and nurtured?

Happy, contented staff are not only more productive in their jobs, they’re also more likely to be loyal to the company. Here are 5 ideas that could really increase your staff’s enthusiasm for their workplace.

1. Get a proper coffee machine

Everyone loves coffee – proper espresso, that is. Not only will your staff be delighted to no longer have to queue at Starbucks on their way to work, it’s a shrewd investment to tempt everyone to arrive at work a bit earlier. Fuelled up with a morning caffeine hit and smiles all round, productivity is bound to increase.

2. Redecorate the office

Nobody likes working in a dreary and uninspiring office. An office refurbishment can make all the difference between a happy workplace and a dull one. Whether you choose to upgrade a few key areas or switch around some desks, or go for a comprehensive office refurb, the effect on your team will be hugely motivational.

3. Provide breakout areas

Sitting at a desk all day is not good for anyone’s mental or physical health. Even in open plan offices where there is a higher degree of communication, it’s important to get away from the desk. A breakout area can address this problem beautifully by providing an informal space to have a meeting, have a break or have lunch away from the computer while, crucially, still being in the office.

4. Get out more

Break the office monotony by making the most of any outdoor spaces available to you. Is there a patio or garden area? A park nearby? Why not make a point of holding some meetings or an occasional group lunch outside of the office? Outdoor meetings will refresh and rejuvenate while any change of scenery is sure to revive the office dynamics.

5. Harness the team spirit

One of the best ways to encourage team bonding in the office is to cultivate a team spirit outside working hours. Whether it’s casual Friday night drinks or a monthly office pub quiz, a corporate outing or teambuilding day, the important thing is to make it inclusive and fun. Spending time with colleagues in a different setting will help build relationships that will benefit the company during the working week too.

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