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Service Charges Service Charges

Service Charges

What are Service Charges?

Service charges can be one of the principal areas for dispute between leaseholders and their landlords. At Stuart Neils, we are fully conversant and expert on all aspects of managing service charges, including;

  • the setting and recovery of service charges;
  • the rights of the leaseholder to challenge the service charges
  • the obligations placed upon the landlord to consult the leaseholders before carrying out qualifying works or entering into long-term agreements;
  • the statutory controls on demands;
  • accounting for the charges.

Service charges are a key feature of how any commercial property is managed. With the cost of building maintenance increasing, it is essential that tenants are constantly informed of the efficiency of the management of the commercial property that they occupy.

We have successfully advised our clients in many cases to ensure the correct service charges are applied. We have demonstrated that some service charges demanded by a landlord may be excessive, With our expertise, we can ensure that service charges on a commercial property are accurately applied. We support our clients to ensure they are fully briefed to respond to and proposed increases in landlord service charges. For example, it may be that the landlord is not permitted to demand that certain works to a building are chargeable to the tenant.

London provides an enviable choice of commercial properties and many businesses aspire to having a London address. If you would like to find an office in London, we can provide you with the confidence of historical and on-going accuracy on all matters relating to commercial property service charges.

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