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Disposals Disposals


Whilst property disposals are traditionally associated with landlords, tenant’s sometimes need to or want to dispose of their London commercial property leases in the middle of the term when there is no break clause.

In these situations, tenants need to take advice on many factors relating to property disposals including

  • whether to sub-let or assign their lease
  • whether a premium or reverse premium is achievable or necessary on assignment
  • what level of rent can be achieved on the grant of a sub lease
  • Dilapidation’s and Guarantee obligations
  • the implications of the Landlord and Tenant Covenants Act 1995.

From our experience in advising tenants, we are aware of their needs and expectations when considering the acquisition of new premises.  If you are trying to find an office in London , we are in a unique position to advise you of the most effective marketing procedures when also disposing of your existing commercial property premises.

Aside from the requirements of our own clients, we are constantly monitoring requirements of tenants who have instructed other surveyors which means that we are in a perfect position to ensure that everyone who might want to know about property disposals is fully informed. Just like with the acquisition of premises, after heads of terms have been agreed, we always remain on hand to ensure a smooth transaction.

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