Commercial Investment and Development

Commercial Investment and Development is all about identifying and realising the maximum potential value of a building or a site in the London commercial property sector. If you’re new to property development or have considerable experience, Stuart Neils will be able to add value to your decision process by sharing our vast experience and local knowledge with you.

Whether the property development investment is for offices or industrial development, our professionals will provide their financial and real estate knowledge to achieve the best price for you our client.

We work closely with property development investors to advise on the viability and feasibility of a proposed development and how we can best achieve a successful outcome.

The conversion of London commercial property to residential use is a also common trend at the moment. Many of the ground rules for change of use to residential development have changed recently and therefore obtaining the right advice has never been more vital. The Stuart Neils team is poised to share our London experience and knowledge when you are making commercial property development decisions.

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