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Acquisition & Agency Acquisition & Agency

Acquisition & Agency

Whether you’ve been responsible for acquiring new premises before or this is the first time you are tasked with finding an office in London,  we will be sure to remind you how vital it is for you to take full advantage of the flexible lease terms and incentives which may be being offered by landlords.

Stuart Neils has successfully negotiated property acquisition in London for tenants which have resulted in substantial savings below the landlord’s initial quoting rent. This has been vital to our clients cash flow in the initial years of occupation.

The service we undertake in respect of property acquisition matters in London includes:

  • A comprehensive schedule of available properties.
  • Advice on rent and lease terms.
  • Accompanying on all viewings.
  • Negotiating the best possible terms against landlords and their surveyors.
  • Advice on fitting out and project management.
  • A space audit which ensures economic use of the premises.
  • Advice on service charge costs and rates liability.
  • Liaising closely with our clients solicitors in order to ensure that the terms of the lease are in accordance with good estate management practice and resolving any problems that may delay completion.

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