3 top reasons why you should use an acquisition agent to help you find a London office

3 top reasons why you should use an acquisition agent to help you find a London office

Dec 14, 2016

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From Hammersmith in the west to Docklands in the east, the process of locating and securing office space in London can be fraught with difficulty. That’s why an acquisition agency can be a useful ally. Here are the 3 main reasons why it makes sense to use a professional help:

1 – Quick and effective results

Do you use recruitment agents to help you hire staff? The same principle applies to finding office space. Evidence has shown that without representation, it can take tenants months to find suitable office space.

An acquisition agent will have in-depth local knowledge and a valuable network of contacts to guide you towards a suitable shortlist of available properties. From organising viewings to negotiating rent and lease terms and advising on fit-outs, your office relocation process will not only be shorter, but more effective.

2 – Professional representation for tenants

Would you go to court without a solicitor? Or would you prefer to be properly represented by an expert in the field?

Just as landlord agencies act on behalf of their clients, tenant agents are there to get the best deal for theirs. That way, there’s no conflict of interest compared to a situation where one agency represents both parties.

Landlord agents like dealing with a professional agency representing tenants that have been properly advised in relation to a property deal. Both parties can be safe in the knowledge that the negotiations and transaction are conducted between equal partners who fully understand the process.

3 – Saving money

The importance of expert advice cannot be understated, particularly in the sophisticated London commercial property market. The consequences of an unfavourable deal can be extremely harmful to your business, which is why it is essential to have an experienced operator to advise you and negotiate the lease on your behalf.

An expert negotiator who not only knows the industry inside out but is familiar with all the tricks of the trade is your best partner to secure suitable office space at a price that’s right. Your acquisition agent will be able to negotiate reduced rents and greater rent free periods to get the best deal for your company.

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