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Office Security for London-based businesses

Office Security for London-based businesses

Mar 4, 2015

London is a fantastic place to do business. It is a true world city, with masses of opportunities for business, commerce, and culture. Sadly, as with a lot of major cities, crime can be a concern. While crime has officially fallen across the UK over the last few years, London is traditionally still more crime-ridden than other sizeable UK cities, with some boroughs being much higher than the UK average.

That’s not to say you should be put off from trading in London, but taking precautions to protect your business is advantageous. No business, no matter where they are located, can afford the down time that crime causes, so use these office security tips to help keep your business safe.

  1. Get good window and door locks fitted. Good locks will probably be a condition of your business insurance, so make sure you enlist the services of a reputable company. Remember to lock up properly at the end of every day, and keep an eye on the whereabouts of your office keys – so that you don’t need to face the expense of finding a locksmith in an emergency.
  2. Get good lighting for outside areas. For the protection of yourself, your employees, and your premises, all outside areas should be well lit. London can be a scary place in the dark, and personal protection is paramount. This will also help with minimising the risk of injury from trips and falls.
  3. Get an office safe. While there is always a risk of your premises being compromised, a safe will at least give your most valuable small items some protection. Essential files, cash, devices, and fleet car keys should be locked away wherever possible. If your keys and confidential files go missing in a burglary, there can be more damage done to your business than what happens on the premises.
  4. Get an intercom device. If you get visitors to your office, an intercom device will help you permit legitimate visitors and keep out unwanted ones. A set-up where anyone can walk in at any time is not ideal for the safety of your employees, so unless you own a shop or a restaurant, an intercom is a good way of increasing your business’ security.
  5. Password protect all your devices. If your devices get stolen and the files on them are easy to access, then a simple burglary could become a disaster for your business. Don’t make things easy for them – passwording your devices isn’t fool proof but it’s a simple measure that will thwart a number of potential fraudsters.
  6. Fit an alarm. Having a visible alarm box will put off potential burglars, and an audible alarm will make their visit a lot shorter. Motion sensors within your office that detect movement after hours are relatively cheap to buy and are easy to fit, but get a professional in if you’re not confident. You should alarm your access points, such as doors and windows, and also think about alarming important equipment such as your safe, or filing cabinet.

Overall, don’t give criminals the opportunity and temptation to commit a crime against your business. By making your office space secure and unattractive to burglars, you’ll go a long way to keeping your business safe.

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