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3 Indoor Plants That Are Good For Your Office 3 Indoor Plants That Are Good For Your Office

3 Indoor Plants That Are Good For Your Office

3 Indoor Plants That Are Good For Your Office

Oct 30, 2016

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It doesn’t matter if your office is located in an elegant period building in leafy Kensington or an industrial Shoreditch warehouse, having plants in the office brightens up the space and helps make us feel more cheerful.

Studies have shown that adding some lush greenery to your workspace has proven wellness benefits, including reducing stress, boosting productivity and enhancing employee morale.

Pot plants don’t have to cost a lot nor does it take much management time to keep them watered. Some of them even have scientifically proven air purifying properties. Here are three favourite indoor plants to improve your office environment.

1. Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

The gorgeous peace lily is supposed to signify peace and prosperity – always a good thing to have in the office! It’s a classic and very beautiful indoor plant that is sure to enhance any workspace. An abundance of dark green foliage gives way to the occasional strikingly white ‘flower’ that is actually a type of specialised leaf.

Peace lilies love shade and don’t require much water – perfect for an office where natural light may be in short supply and attention may be limited to perfunctory once-a-week watering.

Interestingly, peace lilies are said to have exceptional air cleansing qualities, according to research carried out by NASA back in 1989. Their ability to purify the air from toxins including ammonia, benzene and formaldehyde is probably the best reason you could wish for to put one on your desk.

2. Weeping Fig (Ficus benjamina)

Available in various sizes ranging from a modest pot plant to a 3 metre-high ornamental indoor tree, this evergreen shrub is as pretty as it is useful. With hanging branches and lots of dark green, often variegated, leaves, a fig tree likes lots of light, so a window sill position and frequent watering is a good idea.

Not unlike the peace lily, a ficus tree is also able to filter toxic chemicals from the air, carpets and furniture found in most office environments.

One word of caution though: weeping figs don’t like draughts and nor do they enjoy being moved. How will you know? The tree will drop its leaves in disgust, that’s how.

Japanese Money Tree (Crassula ovata)

According to Feng Shui, a Japanese Money Tree (or Jade Plant) is a bringer of good fortune and financial success – another great reason to place one in your office.

Upward and outward growing compact, dark, glossy leaves give the money tree a minimalist, structural appearance; it’s a popular bonsai plant too.

Succulents have been experiencing a surge in popularity this year. Because of their plump, fleshy foliage, they need very little watering – once a month is probably enough. Be warned that the quickest way to kill a Jade Plant is by overwatering it. With that in mind, the plant should do well in most office spaces as long as there is a bit of daylight.

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