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Five of the coolest offices in the UK | Stuart Neils Five of the coolest offices in the UK | Stuart Neils

Five of the Coolest Offices in the UK

Five of the Coolest Offices in the UK

Jun 23, 2015

1. Treehouse Office, Hoxton Square London

The coolest offices in the UK

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you’re stuck in the office watching the Summer’s day pass by from the discomfort of your desk. If only it were possible to pick up your things and find a nice shady spot in the midst of a leafy, green park. We may be one step closer to realising this dream, thanks the London Festival of Architecture. A temporary treehouse office has been erected in East London’s Hoxton Square. Produced by Artsadmin and created by Natalie Jeremijenko, the office is built from compressed paper with see-through plastic and translucent polycarbonate, which aims to “blur the boundary between office and nature”.

If you fancy holding your meetings in a tree, then why not hire the installation? Be quick – the office will only be around for seven months!

2. Virgin money, St. Andrews Square Edinburgh

The Coolest Offices | Virgin Money | Stuart Neils

What’s the next best thing to actually being under a stunning blue sky? Working under a pretend one…

The offices of Virgin Money in Edinburgh aim to perk up their employees with an artificial blue sky on the office ceiling. These innovative and environmentally conscious offices have previously won the top prize at the British Council for Offices Award and have been named the best recycled and refurbished workplace.



3. Ticket master, London

The coolest Offices | Ticket master | Stuart Neils

Does your boss encourage you to use the office as a place to socialise over a few cocktails? If not, then perhaps you should consider a career move to Ticketmaster, where the company has installed a bar in the office known as The Imperial!

If that isn’t enough, the office has an array of other cool features, including a slide from one floor to another, a jukebox and pinball machines.

Wait! Before you leave, don’t forget to pop into the chill-out area of the office and enjoy a 20-minute massage.


4. Bold Rocket, London

The Coolest Offices | Bold Rocket | Stuart Neils

What would you expect to see in the Bold Rocket office space? Probably a 3d-printed rocket hanging from the ceiling. As their name suggests, the design of their London office is bold and inventive. The rocket acts as a dramatic focal point, which is surrounded by utilitarian ping pong tables and a “living wall”.





5. Google – HQ, London

The Coolest Offices | Google headquarters | Stuart Neils

Would a list of the coolest offices really be complete without giving Google a mention? Describing the intention behind the ultra-modern interior of their London offices Nelson Mattos said “We hire the brightest and best engineers in the UK and put them together in a highly creative, relaxed and exciting environment.’

The current offices won’t be around for much longer, as the tech giant is in the process of a £1bn office relocation to King’s Cross. The design of the new headquarters is being taken extremely seriously – so much so, that the development has been delayed because the initial architect’s designs were deemed ‘too boring’. According to Business Insider, designer Thomas Heatherwick has been brought in to take over proceedings. If you’re stumped for ideas Heatherwick, then have a quick look through this article.

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