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5 Things To Think About Before Moving Office 5 Things To Think About Before Moving Office

5 Things To Think About Before Moving Office

5 Things To Think About Before Moving Office

Aug 14, 2016

Office building in London

Relocating to a new London office can be an exciting time for your whole company. While a change of scenery can be just the thing to inject some fresh energy and boost staff morale, it’s usually a positive sign that your business is doing well.

That said, moving offices can be an expensive, time consuming and logistically complicated undertaking – so think carefully before you make a commitment. Whether you’re thinking of taking new premises in Kensington, Knightsbridge or Kings Cross, here are 5 questions you should be asking before you make the decision to move.

1: Can the current office be improved?

Consider carefully whether a relocation isn’t actually more trouble than it’s worth. Uprooting an entire commercial operation is hugely disruptive, so if there is any way that your existing premises can be reworked instead, it’s got to be worth looking at.

Why not contact an office interiors specialist to help you identify new ways to use the existing space more efficiently to meet your needs? You may be surprised by the improvements that may be suggested. Coupled with general refurbishment, it may be all that’s required.

2: Who will be tasked with the office move?

If there is no other option than to move, planning and organisation are key. Put a senior member of staff in charge of the project to ensure everything runs smoothly, on budget and on time. The project leader will need to have the authority to deal with all the associated tasks – including Office Furniture and Removals, IT & Communications, Utilities and Facilities Management – and the ability to instruct real estate agents, managing agents, surveyors and lawyers.

3: Will you be moving to a better location?

Choosing a new location for your company is not always easy. Often, it’s a case of weighing up the location versus the new office’s interior facilities – make sure you consider all the implications to achieve a net positive outcome.

Don’t forget to consider transport links and access for your staff, including parking facilities – always at a premium in London.

4: When is the best time to move?

It makes sense to consider your current lease obligations and possible break clauses to effect a smooth transition – but this isn’t the only factor you should take into account. Look at your company calendar to establish when your busiest times are; moving office needs to fit in with your operations to minimise any upheaval that will be caused by the office relocation.

Instead of being guided by the terms of your lease, it may be a better idea to extend your lease by a few months, or leave the office empty after you move, to enable you to make the move at a time to suit your business goals.

5: How can you take your staff with you?

Not everyone in the office may be enthusiastic about an office move, particularly if the new location is a long way from the old address. While some members of your team may be looking forward to better office facilities, others may struggle to commute to the new location without substantial inconvenience.

While the decision to move will ultimately be taken by management, it’s a good idea to have some form of office-wide consultation process in place, so that general preferences and potential worries can be taken into account.

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